Let’s face it, running a small business is tough...finding someone you can actually trust to manage your social media presence and help market and promote your business is even tougher.

Phil does an amazing job capturing the real essence of your business; he focuses on what makes your business different from others, which in the world of small businesses that’s what really matters. 

If you find yourself struggling to make your unique mark on social media or just simply looking for a new marketing direction, give Phil a shot. I promise you will not be disappointed.
— Annie D.

Not only is Phil at Full Stream Social Media an awesome guy, he’s an incredible storyteller! Every business, every organization, every personally hatched dream has a story behind it, and Phil is your guy to help craft that narrative and spread your dream into the world. I’d highly recommend his services!
— Matthew M.

Thanks to Phil for being fantastic to work with! I enjoyed his aspect of storytelling and helped us share our entrepreneurial story. His content is unique and tailored to the business needs which is exactly what small businesses should be looking for. We would definitely recommend working with Phil! Your business will be lucky to have him.
— Laura H.

Working with Phil was one of the best business decisions I’ve made. As a new small business owner, I had so many questions about so many different things, but didn’t have the time or know where to go to find the answers.

Enter: Phil. His knowledge of marketing and ability to communicate that knowledge to me in understandable, palatable ways meant I didn’t have to spend hours poring over business books and articles and could, instead, focus on the other areas of running my business. His value was more than just monetary (though my sales definitely benefited from his help); he gave me immensely useful tools that helped frame how I should approach my customer interaction, while breaking down for me the whys and whats and hows of how to have a better, more effective presence on social media.

I wish I could have a mini Phil in my pocket at all times, whispering nuggets of business wisdom in my ear and giving me pep talks.
— Amy D.

Phil is as authentic as they come. His work proceeds him. He cares and that shows. That’s hard to find in this day and age. Phil wants to know the whole story and help you tell it.
— Stephanie J.