Go big by being small


Yesterday, two people - a prospecting employee and a prospective client - asked me about my plans to scale Full Steam.

I won’t go into each conversation here, but I’ll sum them up by saying that I’m looking to go deep rather than scale up. For now, the question isn’t “How can I get more clients?” but “How can I give my clients more?” by establishing strategies and processes that aren’t reliant on limited resources - time and energy - to be successful.

Providing an increase in value is important to prevent dilution of service as expansion happens while at the same time being awesome for clients because they get more than what they pay for.

From a “selfish” business perspective, it also builds brand and reputation equity that sets the stage for possible expansion later. Having 10 happy businesses and nonprofits is something I can work with - having 20 that are kinda-sorta-satisfied-but-also-slightly disappointed isn’t.

There is definitely merit is seizing every opportunity, hustle, etc. But I’ve also seen from the creation of Full Steam that there is just as much value in being patient and giving yourself time to learn, evaluate, and selectively choose.