One of the biggest challenges for small businesses trying to carve out their plot in the social media landscape is how difficult consistent posting can be. 

People, IT IS HARD, especially if you're operating under the belief that the content you put out into the world should be awesome, human, and do more than just sell something. Social media has an insatiable lust for new and great content, and this need to constantly feed the content machine is what has made Full Steam a thing. Most of my clients have no problem posting to social media, and some of them even do a GREAT job without me.  

But because they're also busy operating the business, posting great content that positions their organization well EVERY SINGLE DAY ALL YEAR LONG isn't something they can, want, or afford to do.

If you need to undertake this quest for consistent content alone, one of the strategies that may help is thinking about your feed in two layers.

Layer 1: Content that isn't time-dependent. This stuff can be posted any time of day, any day of the week, any time of the year. 

Layer 2: Moment-to-moment content. This is the fun, spontaneous stuff that helps add realism and authenticity to your feed - especially if you're a small, local business.

Layer 1 is great because you can sit down to create and schedule content far in advance, checking the box of having new content going up every day. Apart from engaging with followers on the post, you can "set it and forget it", and in theory, you could over the course of a couple days, create and schedule content to go up every day for the next year. (I don't suggest that length of time given the changing nature of businesses, but you could.) 

Layer 2 happens on the fly - you're traveling somewhere for work, receiving a shipment, being goofy at your desk. The content from Layer 1 is doing most of the marketing work for your business, so the fact that this content is more casual, informal, and indirectly about your business makes to manageable AND helps signal to your following that you're a real person doing the work and interacting with the world.