Doubling down on being human

Taking a human-centered approach to marketing is a gutsy move and a bit like asking, "Will you marry me?"

It's the idea that spending every day finding and connecting with "your people" is more important than trying to connect with everyone. It's digging deep instead of spreading thin, and not the kind of marketing where time, sweat, and effort goes into a machine, churns around with a bunch of numbers and math in order to produce your next five years together spelled out in charts and graphs.

There's cost and risk and sacrifice and a whole list of reasons that this kind of marketing isn't for you. Then why do it? Because doubling down on people and connection and relationships gives meaning to time, sweat, and effort that goes beyond "Buy my stuff".

Will you improve your bottom line? Yes.

But human-centered marketing also lets you walk away with the knowledge that your marketing is making your life better while making other people's lives better, and that's a feeling other kinds of marketing simply cannot give.