Chasing Numbers: Zero, One, and 10,000 on Social Media


On social media we chase connections and these connections are represented by numbers: likes, shares, followers, subscribers, comments.

While it’s trendy for marketing gurus to tell people to disregard these numbers and “offer value” instead, rather than parroting that garbage, I’m going to say that these numbers are important. Chase them. They’re metrics that support indicate positive ROI of money and effort, proof of change and describe the current potential for change.

A great post on social media needs the numbers to support it and make great things happen.

Chase those numbers.

But while you are chasing those numbers, also think about “1” can equal “1”, “0” or “10,000”.

One human being interested in what you do equals “1”.

One spambot follower, an account using follow/unfollow, or someone following your account that won’t ever convert into a customer or help convert others in a customer equals zero.

One follower with a strong social following, who is well-connected within your niche, and who is willing to support what you do is worth 10,000.

The tactics you use, the content you create, and quality and consistency of effort are the things that determine what these numbers actually mean for your business or the businesses you serve.

  1. Connect with the kinds of people who make the value of those numbers increase: influencers, people strongly interested in your niche, rabid fans, well-connected people.

  2. Create content that can both draw people in as well as convince them to stay.

  3. Embrace the chase, but think about zeros, ones, and 10,000s.