The Good Stuff and Everything Else


They see the good stuff. 

Sure, if you fail big enough, they'll see that, too, but for the most part your "business is taking off", "things are going well", and "there are great things happening". 

And all those things could be true. But underneath that, the stuff people don't see, is everything else. 

There's the to-be-expected stuff: the brutally hard work, the unsuccessful ideas, the wasted sacrifices.  These things you sign up for. They're the rites of passage, and how you figure how to do the work. 

And there's the not-as-expected stuff: that failure is more than just part of an inspirational quote on Instagram, and it will actually drive you close to giving up, that nearly-fatal disappointment is a real emotion, and that giving up will sit on your shoulder every day, crowing into your ear that it's a better, easier option.

But while it might be tempting to want some kind of acknowledgement for what you've gone through and what you're going through, the truth is that everyone has an "everything else" - and seeing your "good stuff" might be the thing they need.