Your Tinder Picture Doesn't Look Like You: Why I Told Someone Wanting to Give Me $1500 for Facebook Advertising to Work on Their Website


Swipe left. 

Swipe left. 

Swipe left., swipe left. 


You chat, you text, you talk, you decide to meet up...and then feel deceived. THERE IS NO WAY THIS IS THE SAME PERSON. Ok, yeah, this is the same person you've been talking to, but either the pictures they used were from five years ago and a lot of life has happened since then, or there's a dubious amount of Photoshop going on. 

The Trenchcoat Deception  

I've never been on a Tinder date, but I've had a friend end up on a date with a guy who initially seemed charming, but ended up wearing a black trenchcoat and sunglasses during their entire date (they were inside, in a restaurant, in the middle of summer.)  

For all its convenience, online dating makes it easy for people to end up with less than they expect. Carefully selected and not-altogether-accurate pictures and knowing the way around a keyboard can be used to create an illusion of a person, but when the opportunity for real, face-to-face connection happens, everybody loses. 

This isn't necessarily because they're unattractive or are terrible at conversation, but it's definitely because they misrepresented what they were bringing to the table. 

You Can't Shine A Turd

I recently had someone e-mail me about running some Facebook advertising for them. They had tried on their own with little success and had a budget of $1500. 

I told them we needed to work on their website instead. 

While I was tempted to take their money and run - they had already offered money for me to run their ads - their website was mess. SO MANY WORDS, and the words they were using told me that they were trying too hard to be impressive, rather than show how they could help people. They were a media company with almost no media, trying to service the luxury lifestyle niche while telling me nothing about the luxury lifestyle niche. 

From Profile Pic to First Date

Advertisements lead people to a website, websites lead people to make contact. Yes, potential customers can contact you through your Facebook page by way of an ad, but when was the last time you gave money to a business without ever looking at their website? 

It doesn't happen. Facebook will generate a lead and that lead will dead-end at a poorly executed website. That's the opportunity for real, face-to-face connection, and if it's not in order, everybody loses. 

Do you still need social advertising? Heck yes you do, but not before you take care of your bread and butter. I could have run $1500 worth of ads and generated comments, likes, views, and leads...and they would have made $0 from that campaign because leads would have clicked off that website in a second.

Don't be a catfish - take the time to build a quality sales funnel, from profile pic to first date.