Cracker Barrel's Secret Society


I have almost an inappropriate love of Cracker Barrel. Breakfast, lunch, doesn't matter. On Friday night when most millennials are sipping on fair-trade-lobster-infused-vodka-ginger twists with their pinkies up, my wife and I are filling our stomachs with good, ol' fashioned, home-cooked franchise food. 

One of my go-to's is their Country Boy Breakfast; two eggs, sirloin steak, grits, cheesy potato casserole, biscuits and gravy. After more than a few visits of ordering the CBB over and over again, one of the waitresses said to us in a whisper, "This isn't written on the menu, but with the Country Boy Breakfast, you get unlimited sides. As long as you can get eating 'em, I can keep bringing 'em." 

To this day, I've only taken the waitresses up on this offer once, mostly because the meal is already two humans worth of food, but also because I'm not even sure all the waitresses know about the unlimited sides. 

That's how elite this club is, and let other people in on the secret, it feels awesome. Sure, it's a small thing - hey, here's a couple more small servings of some cheesy potatoes - but it's enough to make me feel like I've become part of a top secret upper level of Cracker Barrel patrons.

I have become one of the chosen few.  

Creating this feeling with your business is a home run. Connecting with people while making them feel part of something that not everyone is a part of  creates raving fans and people who will tell others about what you do. 

And making people feel good is good.

Do it with a tap and a whisper or a handshake, not a "WITH ONLY 5 PAYMENTS OF $99.94, YOU CAN BECOME PART OF MY ELITE INNER CIRCLE!!!!!!!!" It should feel like a special inviation into a group of like-minded people, not a coercison.