The Ropes


I'm sitting at a long desk with someone I recently met, a local business owner. She has decided that 2019 will be her year to "Build It": her brand, her reputation, and her business. 

Earlier in the week, she had contacted me about how social media to help her, and now, sitting in her office, our conversation steered towards Facebook advertising. We pop open a laptop and I start showing her how to create different ad audiences based on the kinds of clients she was looking for. 

"I've had three digital marketers in here, and you're the first person to show me this," she says. 

Dear three digital marketers, 

This shouldn't be. 

Thanks, though.



I don't have a marketing degree, and I've never worked for an advertising firm. Four years ago, I quit my job, abandoned my degree, and needed to make ends meet, so I started reading all the books I could grab in order to learn things I needed to know in order to make a living.

I had to learn from scratch how to be a professional, and one of the things that professionals say while having a conversation with a potential client is, "This is what I will do, how I'll do it, and how I will help you."

Yes, you will have to expose some of your secrets. You will have to give away information they could use instead of hiring you. The 20-minute meeting might turn into a two-hour meeting because you end up having a conversation instead of a sales pitch. 

How to Give a Sales Pitch: Be a professional at being human. Give other people something of value. Buy them lunch, smile, give them a handshake, ask them questions. Tell them what you know, what you think, what you don't like. Be willing to do some work for free - be smart about this, but be willing to do it. End conversations by making the interaction about them. Give compliments. Be interested.   

Being a professional human being is telling people what they need to know, even if it is only Facebook advertising.