The SB7 Framework


Frameworks are great because they keep you "in bounds". Especially when we're the ones running the business, working in the business, AND doing its marketing, the messages we send to potential customers can be unclear, inconsistent, and not at all the messages we think we're sending. Adhering to a method, a framework, or a single set of principles can help keep your message consistent and clear over a long period of time, building a stronger brand and ultimately a stronger business that can help more people. 

One of the frameworks I Iove is the SB7 framework by Donald Miller's StoryBrand. It defines a customer's journey like the plot of a movie so that you can market directly to them by speaking to their problems, desires, questions, etc. 

Here's the framework: "A character with a problem meets a guide who gives them a plan and calls them to action that results in either success or failure." 

It's a long sentence, sure, but it's simple and foundational, and covers all the bases when trying to communicate your brand. 

There's more to come in this later, but here's a simple breakdown: 

1. A Character - Who's your audience? Demographic? Psychographic? What do they want? 
2. Has  a Problem - Who's their villian? What do they need to solve to move forward? What internal struggles are they going through? Is there a broad, philosophical idea that connects with the rest of their lives? 
3. Who meets a guide - How can you show empathy? How can you show authority? Why should they trust you? 
4. Who gives them a plan - what's the plan you're offering? What are the steps? What's the agreement you're making? 
5. And calls them to action - what do they need to do to get on board? 
6. That results in success - What kind of success will they receive with your help? 
7.  Or failure - What could happen if they don't enlist your help? 

Again, I'll write more about this later, but even with this simple breakdown, you can move through the SB7 with your business, defining each step, and gain a clearer understanding of what exactly your business is and how it relates to other people.