Is Your Brand Consultant Actually a Graphic Designer?


I see a lot of "brand consultants" on Instagram showing off their logos, packaging designs, and nifty looking office spaces. They talk about how different colors and shapes indicate different things about a brand, or how a brand needs to appear the same visually across different social media platforms and within each the platform itself. 

Sure, ok. I get that. 

But, to me at least, it looks like they aren't who they say they are. I see them as  "graphic designers plus some extra", or, if you want to keep things formal, "Creative Consultant". Which, don't get me wrong, would both be kick-ass jobs.

But if a brand consultant promises to help you "build your brand and grow your business" and the work they do only consists of helping decide what colors to use on your business cards or what kind of furniture to buy for the away. They aren't who they say they are, and aren't going to give you what you need.