The Day-to-Day Trap is Crap

You might think that creating content and posting to social media is the best thing for your workflow and schedule. 

"It'll just take a couple minutes." 

NO. WRONG. You're wrong. 

mr. rogers so you know i'm being nice

mr. rogers so you know i'm being nice

The feeling of updating people as things as happening is great, and can be an important way to keep people engaged with the story you're trying to tell. 

But when most people say "I'll just post day to day" they really mean "I'll just make it up as I go." 


This leads to your marketing being two things: 

1. Inconsistent - schedules get busy, and because the process of posting is easy and social media is a long-term game, "I'll do it tomorrow" becomes every once a while...maybe. The message you're sending also becomes inconsistent because there isn't a cohesive plan to hold everything in focus, and post begin to become more and more random and lose direction.

2. Poor quality - I'm not, on a whim, going to have a photo shoot or record and edit a great video. Chances are you can't shift your entire day around to write a great blog post. So if we don't default to just skipping a post altogether, we default to low-hanging fruit. Here's my iphone and here's a picture of the thing I'm eating. Isn't it neat? 

No, it's not neat. 

It's noise. 

These two things lead to the final stage: social media becomes unimportant. It won't be effective so it becomes unimportant to your business. And if it's unimportant to you, it's definitely unimportant to current and potential customers. They don't have time or energy for crappy and lazy.

The "Don't Be Crappy at Social Media Marketing" Solution

Chunk it.

Sit down with your marketing plan, your weekly template, and knock out the next week, two weeks, or month. (I do a marketing design sprint with businesses where we design a marketing strategy and then create three months worth of high quality, targeted content in two weeks.)

Tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, and Later are your best friends here. Create, schedule, and BOOM, you've consistently implemented your plan. The beauty here is that your work is finished when the chunk is complete - you've eliminated one thing from your To-Do list every day for the next week or month. 

This also gives you the space to create things that are great and that align with your strategy and templates. 

You will also see at a glance what has to happen in order for you to implement your plan successfully. Do you have to call the photographer? You get a heads up. Need to contact guest writers? Shoot them e-mails now. Realize that you can't pull this off by yourself? Now is the time to hire some help. 

Don't post crap by falling into the day-to-day trap. Strategize, Plan, and Implement in chunks.