Don't Let Your Mood Affect Your Marketing


For all its nuances, marketing can be boiled down to a simple process: consistently communicate a clear message.

The great thing about processes is that they are machines that do a job for as long as they work or have power. You could be tired from a long day - the refrigerator still works. Stressed out? Dishwasher still runs. Appliances aren't affected by moods. They simply do what they were designed to do until a new one is needed. Cold, emotionless efficiency.

But often times when it comes to the marketing we do on social media, emotions and moods reign supreme. 

Long day? No post today. 
Long week? No posts this week. 
Previously happy with growth and engagement, but right now, in this moment, feeling disappointed? Quit. 

We will commit to putting time, energy, and money towards social media to build the brand...for a week or two until we decide "it's not worth it". 

We're a mess. One moment we're happy and incessantly posting, the next we're sad and disappear. Or we change directions too often or too soon because we become excited about every new idea we come across, or become disappointed with every "old" idea because it doesn't immediately pay off. When we take our social media too personally, we run the risk of how we feel in any given moment affecting the long-term plan for our business. 

Avoid this marketing moodiness by making a machine. 

Commit to a three to six month plan. Write out a content calendar. Figure out how many captions, pictures, videos, articles, and curated posts you'll need to fulfill the calendar. Create and gather what you need. Schedule using Hootsuite, Buffer, or any other management app. 

Now for the next three to six months your marketing machine will run regardless of how busy you get, how moody you are, or how many new ideas pop up that you might want to chase.