Immersive Content


I used to teach 5th and 6th grade, and throughout college and every continuing education program, experts emphasized that people learn in different ways. Students had different learning styles, and in order to teach them effectively, as a teacher I needed to present information in the style that best suited each individual child. 

If a child was an auditory learner, they absorbed information best through methods like lectures and discussion. If they were visual, they learned best through the use of pictures, videos, and graphics. And finally, if they were kinesthetic, doing things was the best way for them to learn. 

But about three years into my teaching career, I learned that "learning styles" wasn't actually a thing. It doesn't exist - there is no research that supports the theory that people learn best through different means of communication. Sure, they had preferences (ask any child since 1940 whether or not they like to watch videos in class) but that didn't have any bearing on their ability to retain information. Through four years of college, my professors practically screamed "People don't learn through lectures!" I paid a lot of money to attend lecture after lecture after lecture. And one simply has to plug "TED Talk" into YouTube to see that either those professors were wrong or that people watching people being lectured at while not learning anything somewhere became a popular thing to do. 

What is true, however, is that people learn the best when placed inside an immersive environment. Hearing, reading, seeing, interacting - it's not a question of which one of these means are the best, but whether they're all being used. 


The Application to Social Media Marketing

Communicating your brand to people requires an immersive approach - one that uses all the means available: 

Curated content. 

While this seems like a lot, keep in mind that if we're doubling down on being human in our marketing, this is how we get to know people. We talk on the phone, text, e-mail, meet in person, go out to movies together, etc.

Only texting someone doesn't give the full picture of the person and is a sure-fire way to end up on an episode of Catfish. Embracing the same "single source" approach in social media gives people a limited peek at what your business is and how it can improve their lives. 

The keys to a successful immersive content approach? 

Quality - Make your posts count, but don't let striving for a high production value stop you from clicking "post". Good is probably better than best. 

Quantity - There has to be enough content. Aim for a post a day. 

Long-term consistency - this approach has to last more than two weeks, which is about the time I see most businesses' social media efforts run out of steam. Commit to six months to see the magic happen.