Bad Giveaways are Bad


The results of a giveaway on Facebook or Instagram can be impressive. 

100,000 people reached? 

It's not uncommon to see numbers like these, even with no money spent pushing it to an audience. This is good. 

But giveaways like are bad when they're not part of a bigger marketing plan for your business. 

If the regular content you're posting doesn't give all those people a reason to stick around, they won't, and a great opportunity to increase your following turns into just a bunch of people trying to snag some free stuff. 

Some ideas: 

1. Have a core content strategy in place. Decide what you want your brand to be, post content that supports your brand, and do it every day. 

2. Engage with the people that engage with you. Every comment gets a like and a response. Keep social media social. 

3. Before your giveaway, pre-load some great content to ensure when visitors give a quick scroll through your feed, you're giving them reasons to follow you. Post your best pictures, videos, ads, articles etc. Maybe people who have never seen your feed before think "I may not win the giveaway, but I'm happy I found this" should be the primary goal because 99% of the people in your giveaway aren't going to win - but they should still feel like they're receiving value. 

4. Provide a post giveaway offer. "You didn't win, but here's $2 off anyway" can begin a connection with more people than the giveaway itself. 

Giveaways are junk food. If they're part of a bigger plan they can be a special, fun, experience, but they can't be the most important part of a social marketing strategy.