The same kind of coffee


I don't think coffee shops are my scene.  

I’m not young, I’m not hip, I’m not vegan. I like good coffee but I can’t taste the apricots, berries, spices, or shoe leather people talk about when I drink it. I don't like talking about politics. I love nature but sometimes I drink water with a straw. My jeans are not skinny, and isn't all food farm to table...? Baristas being nice and trying to strike up a conversation is good and all, but most of the time I want the cold, antisocial stare of an old waitress at a diner who's simply refilling my cup from the percolator between cigarette breaks. 

And while you might think that this is broad and unfair stereotyping (especially if you're a coffee shop), if you're not controlling the story about your business, someone else is controlling it for you. If you're not working hard to build a brand that tells me how you are different from the coffee shop down the road, I don’t think you're different. You're just the same kind of people serving the same kind of people serving the same kind of coffee.