A Million Words: Creating Authority and a Relationship With Video Posts

not a picture of me, sweaters weird me out

not a picture of me, sweaters weird me out

At the beginning of the year, Facebook made waves in the social media world by shifting the algorithm used to evaluate posts to favor video. Want people to see what you post? Your chances are better with a video than with picture/text or text only. 

Instagram started out allowing only 15-second video lengths, then moved it to 60 seconds, and now are moving towards one hour. 

With Facebook and Instagram positioning themselves to become the next YouTube, now is the time for your business to start developing a content marketing strategy that includes video. 

For my clients, I create videos that have two goals. 

Create Authority

My eyes are so bad that in third grade I had bifocals. I once had an eye doctor think I was lying when I told him I couldn't read the letters - any letters - on the board during an exam. 

So I decided to get LASIK, and one of the things I decided early on was that I wanted the best doctor. I knew that I only had one shot at a surgery like this, and so I wanted to give my money to someone who did LASIK full-time and was a recognized expert in the field. 

When it came time for choosing a doctor, I drove two hours and paid a higher price because I knew the doctor was among the best at his craft. 

We want to give money to businesses we can trust and to people who are good at what they do. Women want a great haircut, foodies want a chef who thinks about cooking as an art, and people want their things packed and shipped by someone who understands what it takes to get those things to their destinations on time and intact. 

Why is Amazon Prime so successful? Because I know that when I click "Buy Now", the thing I want will ship that day, and be here in two days every single time. It will be exactly what I ordered, intact and on time. Amazon is great at what they do and I can trust them to do it. 

The videos you create for your business need to create the same level of trust. 

Why should I trust you with my health?

Because you've got the education, the track record, and the caring I need you to have in order to trust you. 

Why should I give money to your restaurant? 

Because you're so good, the food and the experience you offer can't be had anywhere else. 

These videos can take multiple forms: 

1.) Behind the scenes - cooking a meal, mixing a drink, making or building an item
2.) How-to's - show us how to do something ourselves (chances are we'd rather have you do it when you show what's involved)
3.) Sit-down "interview" - give us tips and tricks, explain a concept

Create a Relationship

It seems like every business is on social media, competing for people's attention. This is bad, because the competition is high. 

The good news? Most businesses are terrible at marketing themselves on social media. They're inconsistent, uncreative, boring, and make it seem like they're just after people's money. This makes standing out easy to do because people respond to and connect with social media that seems authentic. 

Are you a real person? Good, show us. We want to get to know you. Sometimes people assume this means trying to make funny and ridiculous viral videos, and while that could be a good approach, the best approach is just to show us you. 

If you're funny or goofy, make us laugh. 
If you're knowledgeable, nerd out. 
If your personality is larger than life, be larger than life. 

Relationships only work if they're real, so figure out who you are and double-down on that. If you're not great in front of the camera, practice and learn or find someone who is to be the face of your business. 

They're Not You 

The beautiful thing about creating video-based relationships is that with this level of authority and relationship, people won't have a reason to go anywhere else...ever. 

Sure, we might try a different pizza place, but they won't be able to compare because they haven't created the same relationship. We won't get a haircut from someone else because they're not you.  

Like any kind of marketing, using video requires consistency to show results, but the level of authority you can demonstrate and the quality of a relationship you can create makes video a must-have for any business marketing themselves on social media.