Social Media Marketing Life Cycle


The typical life-cycle of a business wanting to implement social media marketing on their own goes something like this: 

1) Business mentally commits to social media. IT'S TIME TO GO VIRAL, BABY. 
2) A posting frenzy ensues. This is fun! Countless pictures and videos, Instagram/Facebook stories, and they start making it rain on boosted posts and ads. 
3) The posting frenzy continues every day for around two weeks...and then they miss a day.
4) 'Twas merely a flesh wound - posting gets back on track. 
5) Posts gradually become more infrequent and of lesser quality. This is the death rattle. 
6) The business decides that social media "just doesn't work for them".
7) Social feeds go silent, until a couple months later when they decide to recommit to their social media marketing, and the cycle starts again.  

Why does this cycle happen? There’s already too much to do, but posting to Facebook and Instagram is “easy”, so they think it’s won’t be difficult to stuff it into their days.

But their mistake is this - using social media and using social media to market a business are two different things. One is easy, one is hard, and businesses lose when they confuse the two. Social media is a medium, marketing is the skill. 

Businesses win when they realize that effective marketing takes hard, consistent effort over a long period of time to see great results and commit the personal time and energy resources to make it work, or they hire or contract out the work to a third party, freeing up those resources for other responsibilities.