“How” is Work


There's a lot of talk today about finding your "why". ⠀

This is good. "Why" is good.⠀

But what's your "how"?⠀

There are many people out in the world, just like you, with a "why" just like yours, that will never make a dent in the world because the "how" is the hard part and doing hard things is not for most people.⠀

"How" is work. It's consistency and effort and efficiency. It's talking to enough people to be able to find the right people. It's about guts and courage. It's about the ability to succeed despite all the things you're terrible at. It's about being willing to guess and pull the trigger. It's about being able to give up on the wrong ideas and stick with the ones that are right.⠀

"Why" is where to start, and "how" is everything else.