Brand Marketing



Brand marketing is scary because it doesn't immediately give a return. Every post on social media doesn't equal another sale and writing another blog post doesn't guarantee more money in the bank.⠀

Because $1 doesn't equal $2, business owners run away from building their brands, and default to desperately and incessantly blasting people with advertisements, or they sit on their hands and apathetically wait for customers to come to them. ⠀

But brand marketing is a long-term investment. It's the compound interest argument everyone talks about when saving for retirement. "If you would have invested $100 when you were 20, you'd have a gajillion dollars by the time you retire..."⠀

Telling a story, creating an impression, strengthening a position, earning trust, building rapport and reputation - these are things that take time to do well but are priceless when they are done because it turns your business into its own best marketing. ⠀

Your brand becomes a giant engine of repeat customers who refer their friends who become repeat customers who refer their friends...⠀

All because you did something scary. ⠀