You are my people


"How are you going to scale?"

Here's my answer: 

I'm not. 

Here's the thing - I like simple. And while my work right now is not quite simple because of its current rate of growth, it's headed that direction, and that's a beautiful thing. 

The math would say that I'm able to take on eight clients. I manage and produce content for two of their social media channels five to seven days a week, and my contracts are 12 months in length. 

And I'm ok with those numbers. It's enough work  for Full Steam to be viable business while giving the businesses I'm helping the time they need. It's a schedule that allows for us to sit down and have real conversations instead of "having to get to my next client", and gives me enough time to consistently do good work. It's also a way to demonstrate that I'm willing to invest in my clients in a way that says "you are my people" rather than "you are my tally mark". 

Scaling beyond those numbers is possible, but it increases the risk of 1) overcomplicating the process and 2) dehumanizing the work. When the time comes for an increased scale, I'll know it, and if it doesn't, I'm ok with that, too.